Transform Your Exterior with Vinyl Renu 1750 SF Kit: The Ultimate Vinyl Siding Restorer

Vinyl Renu

I. Instant Restoration of Color and Luster

Vinyl Renu 1750 SF Kit is a revolutionary solution designed to instantly restore the original color and luster to faded vinyl siding, breathing new life into your home’s exterior.


II. Premium Concentrated Cleaner for a Complete Makeover

Oxidation Removal: The kit includes a premium concentrated cleaner that efficiently removes oxidation, green algae/mold stains, dirt, and more.

Comprehensive Makeover: Say goodbye to unsightly stains and give your siding a complete makeover.


III. Long-lasting Protection for a Decade or More

Ten+ Years of Protection: Vinyl Renu ensures a lasting impact by protecting your vinyl siding from future fading and oxidation for a decade or more.

Easy Clean Technology: With easy clean technology, a simple rinse once or twice a year with water is all it takes to maintain the rejuvenated appearance.


IV. Environmentally Friendly Solution

No Toxic Odors or Solvents: The water-based technology of Vinyl Renu penetrates deeply to restore color and luster without toxic odors or solvents, making it environmentally friendly.


V. Superior Performance and Ease of Use

Lasts 2X-5X Longer Than Paint: Vinyl Renu outperforms traditional paint and other restorers, lasting 2X-5X longer.

Hassle-free Application: No priming, sanding, taping, or messy cleanup required. It works seamlessly on vinyl siding, metal siding, cement board, and various outdoor surfaces.


VI. Incredible Coverage with Proudly U.S.A. Materials

5 Gallon Kit Covers Up To 1750 SF: Enjoy unparalleled coverage with the 5-gallon kit, offering about 50% higher coverage than paint.

Advanced Automotive and Marine Technology: Vinyl Renu lasts because it incorporates advanced automotive and marine technology, proudly made in the U.S.A. with materials sourced domestically.


VII. The #1 Rated Vinyl Siding Restorer

Vinyl Renu has earned its reputation as the #1 rated vinyl siding restorer, delivering exceptional results on metal/aluminum siding, cement/Hardie board siding, garage doors, fiberglass, and almost all exterior surfaces, including patio furniture.


Conclusion: Experience the transformation of your home’s exterior with Vinyl Renu, the top-rated vinyl siding restorer. Achieve stunning results, long-lasting protection, and an environmentally friendly solution – all in one kit. Elevate your curb appeal and enjoy a refreshed, vibrant exterior that stands the test of time.

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