Health and Wellness: Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner at Bar1 Wellness Center

certified functional medicine practitioner

Amber, a certified functional medicine practitioner at Bar1 Wellness Center, is a registered nurse with a passion for preventing and reversing chronic disease. With a background in various medical settings, Amber has built her practice around educating and empowering patients to be proactive with their health. She combines evidence-based tools and resources from both conventional and alternative schools of thought to provide a holistic approach to wellness. Amber’s functional medicine addition to client care focuses on deep understanding and life-long transformation, making it a collaborative movement to promote wellness in the community. While the website provides valuable information, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider for medical advice.

Phone Number: +1 406-570-4207


About Bar 1 Wellness:

Amber, a Holistic RN and Functional Medicine Practitioner, focuses on integrative health using diet changes, whole foods, herbs, lifestyle tools, and supplements. With a nursing background in clinics and diverse settings like cardiac rehab, med surg, psych, long-term care, ICUs, and ERs, she now specializes in preventing and reversing chronic diseases.

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