Flaunt Your Curves: Discovering the Trendiest and Most Comfortable Plus Size Swimwear Options of the Season

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Are you ready to hit the beach and show off your curves with confidence? Then it’s time to discover the trendiest and most comfortable plus size swimwear options of the season. The fashion industry has recognized the need for stylish swimwear in larger sizes, and now there is a wide range of options available to help you feel and look your best. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or frolicking in the ocean, these swimwear choices will make a splash. So let’s dive in and explore the world of plus size swimwear!

Why is the right swimwear important for plus size women?

Before we delve into the trendiest options, let’s take a moment to understand why finding the right swimwear is important for plus size women. The key is to embrace and flaunt your curves, rather than hiding them under unflattering swimsuits. The right swimwear can boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable and beautiful, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach or pool without any self-consciousness.

Embrace your curves with these trendy styles

  1. High-waisted bikinis: High-waisted bikinis are a flattering choice for plus size women as they highlight your curves in all the right places. The high waist helps to cinch in your waistline, creating an hourglass silhouette. Pair it with a bikini top of your choice, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.
  2. One-piece swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits have come a long way from being just functional to being fashion-forward. Look for options with cut-outs, ruffles, or mesh details that add a trendy touch to your swimwear. Opt for bold prints or vibrant colors to create a statement look.
  3. Tankinis: For those who prefer a bit more coverage without compromising on style, tankinis are the perfect choice. These two-piece swimsuits combine a tank top with bikini bottoms, giving you the freedom to mix and match while providing comfortable tummy coverage.
  4. Swim dresses: If you want maximum coverage and a feminine touch, opt for a swim dress. These dresses are designed to skim over your curves and offer a modest yet fashionable look. Choose one with a flared skirt or a wrap-style for a figure-flattering effect.

What to consider when shopping for plus size swimwear?

When shopping for best plus size swimwear, it’s essential to consider certain factors to ensure a perfect fit and utmost comfort:

  1. Size and fit: Don’t be afraid to go up a size or try different brands as sizes can vary. Look for swimwear with adjustable straps, underwire or built-in bras for added support, and a good amount of stretch to mold to your curves.
  2. Quality and durability: Invest in swimwear that is made from high-quality fabric and built to last. Look for swimsuits with double-stitched seams and a good amount of lining for added durability.
  3. Style and design: Consider your personal style when choosing swimwear. Whether you prefer bright and bold patterns, sleek monochromes, or playful prints, there is a style to suit every taste.
  4. Comfort and functionality: Look for swimwear that allows ease of movement and provides the level of coverage you desire. Adjustable straps, removable pads, and tummy control features can enhance your comfort and confidence.

Where to find the trendiest plus size swimwear?

Now that you know what to look for in plus size swimwear, you might be wondering where to find the trendiest options. Thankfully, many brands have recognized the demand for fashionable swimwear in larger sizes. Here are a few popular options to explore:

  • Lane Bryant: Known for their inclusive size range, Lane Bryant offers a wide selection of swimwear in trendy styles and designs.
  • Torrid: Torrid focuses on trendy, edgy fashion for plus size women, and their swimwear collection is no exception. From bikinis to one-pieces, they have something for everyone.
  • Swimsuits For All: As the name suggests, Swimsuits For All offers a diverse range of swimwear for all body types, including a fantastic selection of plus size swimwear.
  • ASOS Curve: ASOS Curve caters to fashion-forward individuals, and their swimwear collection is no different. You’ll find a range of stylish options that cater to plus size women.


No matter your size or shape, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful in your swimwear. The trendiest and most comfortable plus size swimwear options of the season are designed to enhance your curves and make you feel fabulous. Remember to consider factors such as size, fit, quality, and style when shopping for swimwear, and explore brands that specialize in plus size options. With the right swimwear, you’ll be ready to flaunt your curves and make a splash wherever you go!

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